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Find the most common customs clearance questions here.
If you still have outstanding questions, please contact our dedicated team of Customs Brokers today.

What documents do I need to supply for you to submit my clearance documents to Customs?

The key document is your commercial invoice, it should contain commodity codes, values and weights. In addition, to complete a Customs declaration, you need to provide the shipping details with the ferry name, date and time of arrival along with the trailer or truck registration number. A declaration cannot be processed without this data hence loads cannot be shipped.

What is a PBN?
What is an MRN?
Why are these needed?

A PBN is the Pre Boarding Notification issued by the Revenue RoRo system accessible on It should contain the MRN which is the unique Customs number for the declarations of all the goods on board the trailer. Without the PBN, the driver cannot access the freight terminal in the UK to board the ferry.

The MRN is the confirmation from Revenue that your declaration has been accepted and will obtain a Customs routing on arrival in Ireland. The routing can be checked by your haulier prior to arrival at Dublin Port and will instruct them if the goods are cleared and can go out for delivery. 

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Do I need an import or export declaration to move goods between ROI and NI post-Brexit?

Goods moving between ROI and NI remain as they always have been and will not need any declarations to Customs.

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